Hiking in Corsica

Where to Hike in Corsica

This stunning French island in the Mediterranean has fantastic hiking including the world famous GR20


Known as Europe's toughest trek, the GR20 runs for 180 km along Corsica's mountainous spine, through stunning scenery.

Mare e Monti

If you're not up for the GR20, the 122 km Mare e Monti is a wonderful alternative, taking you from Calenzana to Cargese

Mare a Mare

There are three 'Sea to Sea' trails that traverse the island from one coast to the other, connecting the island's coastal region with its rugged interior.

Transhumance Trail

Follow the ancient paths of shepherds on this 74 km route through pastoral landscapes from Calenzana to Corscia

Day Hikes 

There are so many wonderful day hikes in Corsica, such as Capo Rosso, Monte Rotondo, Lac de Nino, and Aiguilles de Bavella

Hiking in Corsica

May to October are the best months to hike in Corsica. Click on the link below to read more about hiking in Corsica, including guidebooks, apps and websites