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Hiking books can be an invaluable resource in planning a hiking trip, even with so many web resources at our fingertips.  Listed below are some of the most popular hiking guidebooks:

General guidebooks can also be useful:

  • Lonely Planet – have excellent guidebooks, and have recently gotten back to publishing hiking specific guidebooks, for certain countries and regions.  Their general guides usually have fairly good hiking sections
  • Bradt Guides – great general guidebooks, often cover countries that other publishers don’t
  • Rough Guides – excellent guidebooks, UK based
  • Moon Travel Guides – have some hiking specific guidebooks as well as general ones

Each country/region page features hiking guidebooks first and if there are none, then general guidebooks are listed.

Social Media

Increasingly, many are using social media to get information and ideas for hiking trips.  As this website gets updated, there will be more social media links included in the country/region pages. 

    • Instagram – great source of inspiration for hiking trips
    • YouTube – lots of videos out there providing useful hiking trip planning information
    • Facebook – particularly great for hiking groups/meetups



Many of us turn to the internet when planning for a hiking trip.  Each country/region page features:  

  • Official websites (if they exist) such as hiking trail websites, national parks sites and hiking associations 
  • General websites such as Walkopedia and Summitpost which provide a lot of useful information
  • Travel blogging sites which can be helpful  
  • Hiking clubs including Meetup and Facebook groups


A hiking map is an essential item to carry with you on any hike, even one that is well established and signed.  Each country/region page includes a listing of hiking specific maps where available.  In many cases, particularly for countries where hiking is popular and many maps published, a link to a website selling maps is provided, such as MapsCompany and Omnimap.    


Apps are becoming indispensable tools for hikers, particularly when looking for specific trail information, navigating while on the trail, saving hike information and finding out details about where you’re hiking.  While there are many apps specific to a country or region, there are some general ones that are quite popular: 

Each country/region page features apps specific to that area as well as AllTrails and Wikiloc trails as they are user friendly and have a lot of information. 

Hiking Essentials

Don’t forget these essentials for a safe hike 

    • Navigation/Communication – maps, phone, GPS
    • Water
    • Food 
    • Multi-function tool – knife, scissors, etc
    • Fire starter – matches
    • Proper footwear
    • Extra clothes
    • Emergency shelter – a bright cover/tarp
    • Sun protection
    • Headlamp/flashlight
    • First-aid kit