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New Long Distance Hiking Trails

May 8, 2023 | Travel Tips

Italy, Puerto Rico and Czech Republic (Czechia) have recently created and launched new long distance hiking trails in beautiful regions of their countries.

Long distance hiking trails allow trekkers to not only immerse themselves in nature, but in culture as well.  You experience historical sights, cultural traditions and beautiful natural landscapes in a way that you may not on a simple day hike.   Many countries and regions around the world are creating long distance hiking trails as a way to showcase these sights and attract more visitors.  


A New Hiking Route Between Bergamo and Brescia

Italy has added a new ‘cammino’ (hiking trail) to its enviable list of long distance treks.  The Via delle Sorrelle (Way of the Sisters) is a 130 km trail linking the two cities of Bergamo and Brescia, both containing UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The trail goes through the various beautiful landscapes of northern Italy, from the foothills of the Alps, through rolling green vineyards, and stunning Lake Iseo.  Hikers can enjoy great food (it is Italy after all), delicious Franciacorta and contemporary art installations along the way.  Read more here: Via delle Sorelle


Puerto Rico’s First Long Distance Hiking Trail

While most people think of beaches when they think of Puerto Rico, this mountainous island in the Caribbean also has hiking trails to explore and the creation of its first backpacking route will serve to attract more active visitors to the island.

 The new NorEste Trail is a 40 mile route beginning at one of Puerto Rico’s famous bioluminescent lagoons and ending at the island’s highest peak in El Yunque national forest.  Read more about the trail and the various organizations involved in creating it: National Geographic – Puerto’s First Backpacking Route


New Hike Through Bohemian Switzerland

Hřebenkovka is a new 100 km trail going through the Bohemian Switzerland region of Czech Republic (Czechia), created by non-profit organizations.  The trail showcases many sights, including canyons, rock towers and castles and winds through villages and town, making it easy to get on and off the trail. Read more here: New Hiking Trail in Bohemia Switzerland


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