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Hiking News: New Trails in Portugal, Turkey and Norway

Jun 19, 2024 | News

Norway introduces Stigull

The ruggedly beautiful Scandinavian country of Norway is known for its fjords and magnificent landscapes, and hiking is a national pastime here.  While there is no shortage of trails and regions to choose from, a new attraction for mountain lovers and thrill seekers is garnering a lot of attention.

Stigull is a 40-metre-long ladder, containing 120 steps, built into the Via Ferrata Loen hiking area. Once you climb it (if you’re not of the faint-hearted sort), you will be sitting almost 800 metres above a beautiful fjord near the village of Loen.  Loen is part of the Fjord Norway or Vestlandet region, an area that is very popular with hikers. Recently opened, Stigull is the first such structure in Norway and will be sure to lure many hikers and climbers who will get an incredible panoramic view from the top.

Read more about Stigull in this Mirror article: Terrifying New Rope Ladder Experience.

The best time to hike in Norway are the summer months. To find out more about hiking in Fjord Norway and the many other mountainous regions of Norway, visit the Norway page.

rope ladder Norway

Portugal New Circular Route

Mainland Portugal doesn’t attract the same attention from hikers as its neighbour, Spain, despite having some wonderful places to hike such as Penada-Gerês National Park, the Beiras region, and the very popular Algarve region.  Many come to Portugal for the coastal landscapes, the wine, the culture and not necessarily for the trails.

That might change, however, with the building of the world’s longest circular walking route, Palmihar Portugal. The 3000 km route will take you through many regions of the country that doesn’t get as much attention as tourist hot-spots such as Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve.  Partly to promote health and wellbeing, as well as to highlight some of the lesser known parts of Portugal, the creation of the route will also hopefully relieve pressure on the beaten path areas.  

The trail will take several years to complete, but the first part of the route will open this summer, north of Lisbon. Eventually, the route will go through a hundred different regions, including the Alentejo and the mountainous north.

Learn more about it here: World’s Longest Circular Route Being Planned in Portugal.

The best months to hike in Portugal are June to September although the southern regions like the Algarve are extremely hot during those months. To find out more about where and when to hike in Portugal, visit the Portugal page.

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Hike Through Ancient History in Turkey

Straddling Europe and Asia, the large country of Turkey (Türkiye) has many beautiful mountainous areas to explore, such as the Kaçkar Mountains, the Taurus Mountains, the Anti-Taurus Mountains, the Küre Mountains, Mount Ararat, Mount Nemrut, along the Turquoise Coast, Koprulu Canyon, and the world-famous Lycian Way.

A new network of trails has been developed for exploration, in and around the Taurus mountain range, in southern Turkey. Known as the Pisidia Heritage Trail, the approximately 350 km of footpaths connect ancient routes and towns and provide glimpses into lost civilizations.

While the region through which the trail network traverses is relatively unknown to tourists, there have been guidebooks and apps developed to help guide adventurous trekkers on the trail. As well, companies offer guided hikes for those who don’t want to venture on their own.

Read more about the Pisidia Heritage Trail in this detailed article outlining the routes and the history of the trail and region:  Hike Through Ancient Roman and Biblical History in Turkey’s Rugged Mountains

The best months to hike in Turkey vary according to the region. Visit the Turkey (Türkiye) page for more information on where and when to go hiking in Turkey.

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