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Hiking News: New Hotel in Iceland, Japan Limits Tourism on Fuji and Ireland Adds 62 New Trails

May 15, 2024 | News

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New Hotel in Iceland

Iceland has been drawing a huge number of tourists for a decade, ever since a campaign to capture visitors on stopovers to mainland Europe launched in 2014 and Justin Bieber filmed a music video here. It’s not hard to see the appeal – volcanic landscapes, stunning waterfalls, majestic glaciers, steaming hot springs and a chance to glimpse some Huldufólk.

If you’re a hiker, then Iceland is a dream destination with a wide range of hikes on offer, including the world famous Laugavegar trek and Thorsmork trek as well as day hikes to Glymur waterfall and Snaefellsjokull. With the population of Iceland being under 400,000, the small island hasn’t really been able to accommodate hordes of tourists outside of the capital city Reijkayvik or Akureyri. One of the challenges with planning a hiking trip to Iceland is that one’s options are often limited to camping or going with a tour group or staying in rustic lodges.

Things are changing with the newly opened Highland Base Hotel – Highland Base Hotel, nestled in the Highlands in Kerlingarfjöll.  This hotel encompasses a hostel as well as family friendly rooms, so there’s something for every hiker here. The hotel is an ideal base from which to embark on day hikes or multi-day adventures in the Highlands. Read more here: Highland Base Hotel Brings Adventure

Visit the Iceland page for more information on hiking in Iceland, including guidebooks, maps, apps and more.

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Japan Limits Tourism on Mount Fuji

Hiking to the top of Japan’s highest peak, Mount Fuji (standing tall at 3776 metres), is one of the most popular activities for adventure travellers in Japan. So popular, in fact, that there are often lineups to get to the summit. To ease congestion, Japan has taken a few measures to alleviate the pressure and make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all. One of these measures is to cap the number of hikers to 4000 hikers a day on the most popular of the trails leading to the summit, the Yoshida trail, and charging a fee to hike the trail. An online booking system has been introduced so that hikers can reserve their spot in advance.

For more information check out the article here: Japan to Introduce Online Booking System.

The hiking season for Mount Fuji is July to September. Japan has so many fantastic places to hike all throughout its many islands, with a broader hiking season and much less crowds. Check out the Japan page for information on hiking these other regions, including in the Japan Alps, the Kumano Kodo and 88 Temples pilgrimages and on the island of Hokkaido.

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Ireland Introduces 62 New Hiking Routes

The Emerald Isle is filled with lush, natural beauty and is a great destination for hikers, with trails laced throughout the island. Some of the best areas for hiking in Ireland include in its national parks, such as Burren National Park, Glenveagh National Park, Killarney National Park, Connemara National Park, and Wicklow Mountains National Park.  As well, there are mountainous areas on the western peninsulas such as Sheep’s Head, Beara, Dingle and Inveragh.  Ireland is also known for its many long distance trails (waymarked ways) such as Wicklow Way, Kerry Way, Wild Atlantic Way.

Ireland is adding to their hiking treasures by adding 62 new hiking routes, with the aim of becoming an international walking/hiking destination.  Spread over 17 different counties, including two islands, the trails showcase the island’s natural beauty. Read more here: 62 new trails will make Ireland an international walking/hiking destination.

Visit the Ireland page for more information on hiking in Iceland, including guidebooks, maps, apps and more.


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