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Best Hiking Trails in Turkey (Türkiye)


Turkey is a large country considered a part of Asia but straddling Europe, Middle East and Asia.  It borders several countries including Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Greece and Bulgaria.  There are beautiful mountain landscapes to explore across this country, including the very well known Lycian Way.  Some of the main areas for hiking include the Kaçkar Mountains, the Taurus Mountains, the Anti-Taurus Mountains, the Küre Mountains, Mount Ararat, Mount Nemrut, along the Turquoise Coast, around Egirdir, Koprulu Canyon, around Bursa, around Izmir, and many long distance trails across these mountains. The best months to hike in Turkey are April to October, but this varies according to the region. Read on for more information on where and when to hike in Turkey. 

Capital: Ankara

When To Hike in Turkey (Türkiye)?

April – October: The best months will vary during this period depending on the region.  Filter in the map to see the best months for each region
November – March: Rainy, cold, snowy

Climate: Continental (cold winters, hot summers) in the northern part of country and Mediterranean (cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers) in the south.  Western Kaçkars are rainier than Eastern Kaçkars


Turkey (Türkiye) Monthly Weather

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium: There are some routes that are very well known (such as the Lycian Way) but other areas might not be as easy to do independently.  Overall it is recommended to have a guide for most hikes/treks.  Also, not all maps will be in English.

Transportation required: Public transit to some trailheads; car needed for others

Where to stay in Turkey for hiking:

  • Egirdir
  • Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Izmir

Most popular hikes in Turkey (Türkiye)

The mountains in Turkey include: the Kaçkar Mountains – 1000 km long (east to west) inland from Black Sea; the Kure Mountains which are an extension of the Kaçkars; the Taurus Mountains – long mountain system running along southern Turkey; and the Anti-Taurus mountains. The highest and most mountainous parts of the country are in eastern Turkey. There are numerous national parks, nature parks and national reserves. The main areas to hike are in the northeast (Kackar mountains) and along the south (Taurus mountains). Highest Mountain: Mount Ararat (Mount Ağri) (5137 m) in the Armenian Highlands.

Filter out hiking places of Turkey (Türkiye) by month

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Dim River National Park

Altinbesik Cave National Park

Geyik Mountains

Aladaglar National Park

  • May – Oct
  • Aladağlar Milli Parkı, in the Anti-Taurus Mountains – Aladaglar National Park
  • Huge national park; Cukurbag, Demirkazik are good bases

Around İzmir

  • Apr – Sept
  • Surreya Nature Park (Süreyya Tabiat Parkı)
  • Spil Daği – Mount Spil, features Weeping Rock – Spil Mountain National Park
  • Yamanlardag Natural Park (Yamanlardaği Tabiat Parkı)
  • Karagol Nature Park
  • Boz Dağ (Mount Boz) 
  • Ovacik National Park (Ovacik Tabiat Parkı)

Around Bursa

  • May – Oct
  • Uludağ National Park – has hiking trails including to summit of Uludağ – Uludag National Park
  • Uludağ Çocuk Parkı

Mount Honaz National Park

Mount Güllük-Termessos National Park

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Around Eğirdir

  • Apr – May; Sept – Oct
  • Beautifully situated town on a lake in what’s known as the Lake District
  • Good base for hiking as it is surrounded by mountains
  • Eğirdir Outdoor Centre – great place for info
  •  Mountains of Sivri (1749m); Davraz (2653m); Barla (2800 m)
  • Kovada Gölu Milli Parkı  (Lake Kovada National Park) – Kovada Lake National Park
  • St Paul Trail

Turquoise Coast

  • Apr – May; Sept – Oct
  • Also known as the Turkish Riviera, this beautiful region stretches from Izmir to Antalya along the Ionian and Mediterranean coasts
  • Lycian Way – world famous trail, 500 km along the coast, among varied terrain – Lycian Way 
  • Saklikent National Park – one of the world’s deepest canyons – Saklikent National Park
  • Sarikaya National Park – not sure if there are hiking trails here
  • Sivri Dağ Milli Parkı – hiking trails here
  • Olympos Bey Mountains Coast National Park – Olympos Bey Mountains Coastal National Park

Mount Ilgaz National Park

Küre Mountains National Park

Altındere Valley National Park

Kaçkar Mountains National Park

Mount Nemrut National Park

Botan Valley National Park

Sarıkamiş-Allahuekber Mountains National Park

  • June – Oct

Mount Ararat National Park

  • Jul – Aug
  • Ağrı Dağı Milli Parkı (in Turkish) or Mount Ağri Mount Ararat
  • Climbing Mount Ararat (5137 m) requires permit and licensed guide, three night trek to summit which is snow covered year round
  • Little Ararat next to it which can be climbed

Munzur Valley National Park

Hatila Valley National Park

Long Distance Trails of Turkey (Türkiye)

Turkey (Türkiye)'s Walking & Hiking Resources

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Turkey Hiking Books:

  • The Kackar: Trekking in Turkey’s Black Sea Mountains, by Kate Clow and Chris Gardner, 2013, Upcountry Ltd – https://amzn.to/43IVtHP
  • The Lycian Way: Turkey’s First Long Distance Walking Route, by Kate Clow, 2014, Upcountry Ltd – https://amzn.to/3VLkOP9
  • The St Paul Trail: Turkey’s Second Long Distance Walk, by Kate Clow, 2013, Upcountry Ltd – https://amzn.to/3U3Lutc
  • The Evlíya Çelebí Way, by Caroline Finkel and Kate Clow, 2011, Upcountry Ltd – https://amzn.to/3vFu1ho
  • Lonely Planet Turkey 16, by Lonely Planet, 2022, Lonely Planet Publications – https://amzn.to/3xoz1rh
  • Fodor’s Essential Turkey, by Fodor’s Travel Guides, 2022, Fodor’s Travel Guides – https://amzn.to/3J27grf


Turkey Hiking Associations/Clubs:


Best Hiking Trails in Turkey:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from hiking guidebooks, trail maps/apps, other websites, and tourist offices:

  • Lycian Way
  • Uludağ Mountain
  • Kaçkar Mountains Traverse
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Mount Olympos
  • Elekgolu to Karagol Lake – Taurus Mountains
  • Küre Mountains Trail
  • Mount Ararat
  • Paul Trail
  • Köprülü Canyon to the Tazı Canyon
  • Rose Valley – Cappadocia

 Easy Hiking Trails in Turkey:

  • Love Valley – Cappadocia
  • Yenice Forest Trail


Turkey Hiking Websites:


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What Else To Do

  • Whirling dervishes
  • Pamukkale travertines
  • Cappadocia – otherworldly landscape with fairy chimneys; hot air balloon rides are a popular activity in this big tourist attraction

Other Important Points

  • There are Turkish names for many things that you’re used to seeing in English