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Best Hiking Trails in Syria


Prior to the brutal civil war that has engulfed this Middle Eastern country since 2011, hikers could enjoy the mountainous landscapes in Syria, particularly in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains along the Mediterranean coast. 

Capital: Damascus

When To Hike in Syria?

April – October: Summer months can be hot in the low-lying cities/towns.
November – March: Rain/snow; cold

Climate: Mediterranean on the coast (rainy winters and hot, sunny summers) and arid subtropical in other areas


Syria Monthly Weather

Accessibility of Hiking

Hard: Still quite dangerous to travel to Syria

Most popular hikes in Syria

The main areas to hike are in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and close to the Mediterranean coast in the west. There are small, isolated ranges in the south of the country but no information on hiking in these ranges. Highest Mountain: Mount Hermon (2814 m) – in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, shared with Lebanon, and Israel as well as it’s in the disputed Golan Heights area.

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An-Nusayriyah Mountains

  • Coastal range; Tartous and Latakia are the two main coastal cities
  • Saydeh Mountain
  • Mashta to Kafroun

Anti-Lebanon Mountains

  • Damascus is the major city that is close to this range, which is the highest in the country
  • Mount Hermon
  • Not sure if there are other hikes in this area

Long Distance Trails of Syria

There seem to be many trails that go from village to village.

Syria's Walking & Hiking Resources

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What Else To Do

  • Ancient sites
  • Food 
  • Prior to civil war, many great things to see and do in Syria, but unfortunately can’t do those things currently

Other Important Points

  • Not safe to travel there right now