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Best Hiking Trails in Northern Mariana Islands


The Northern Mariana Islands are a group of 14 islands sitting in the Pacific, strung out vertically between the Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean. They belong to the US and are often grouped together with Guam. The main hiking areas are found on the island of Saipan.  Some of the popular hikes include Mount Tapochau, Forbidden Island and Old Man by the Sea.  The best months to hike in Northern Mariana Islands are January to May, the driest period. Read on for more information on where and when to go hiking in Northern Mariana Islands. 

Capital: Saipan

When To Hike in Northern Mariana Islands?

January – May: Driest period (but still some rain)
June: Rainier
July – December: Rainy and risk of cyclones during some of these months

Climate: Tropical – hot and humid all year round, with a cooler drier season


Northern Mariana Islands Monthly Weather


Accessibility of Hiking

Easy – Very Hard:  There are many uninhabited islands where one can hike.  While it might be easy to do a trail on Rota or Saipan, to get to any of the other islands, you’ll have to spend a long time on a boat, spend a lot of money and hire guides.

Most popular hikes in Northern Mariana Islands

Saipan is home of the capital and the most popular destination in this group of islands. Highest Mountain: Mount Tapochau (474 m) on Saipan island (accessible); Mount Agrihan (965 m) on Agrihan.

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  • Tallest island, uninhabited, goes up to above 900 m
  • Mt Agrihan – active volcano (965 m), first expedition to summit in 2018


  • Two humped island, used to be inhabited, goes up to 400 m 


  • Uninhabited island, goes up beyond 600 m


  • Tiny, uninhabited island, goes up to 400 m


  • Uninhabited island
  • Goes up to more than 600 m


  • Cliffs that rise up to 400 m


  • Most popular destination in this group of islands
  • Mount Tapochau (474 m)

Long Distance Trails of Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands's Walking & Hiking Resources

Northern Mariana Islands Hiking Books: No guidebooks of recent date from regular publishers

Best Hiking Trails in Northern Mariana Islands:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from trail maps/apps, websites, and tourist offices:

  • Mount Tapochau – Saipan
  • Forbidden Island – Saipan
  • Old Man By The Sea – Saipan
  • Mount Agrihan – Agrihan
  • Cliffs of Rota – Rota
  • The Grotto – Saipan


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  • None

What Else To Do

  • Diving/snorkelling – quite well known

Other Important Points