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Best Hiking Trails in Myanmar (Burma)


Formerly governed by military dictatorship, Myanmar (Burma) has a lot of untapped hiking opportunities. The mountainous areas include the Chin Hills, the Shan Hills, and the Himalaya in the far north of the country.  Popular hikes include: Kalaw to Inle Lake (and many other hikes in this region), Mount Victoria in the Chin Hills and hikes from Puta-O, such as Hkakabo Base Camp.  The best months to hike in Myanmar are November to April.  Read on for more information on where and when to hike in Myanmar. 

Capital: Yangon (Rangoon)

When To Hike in Myanmar (Burma)?

November – April: The best months varies according to regions.  Filter in the map to see best regions by month.
May – October: Very rainy
Climate: Tropical; the rainy season brings monsoons and there’s a risk of cyclones.  

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium – Hard: Hiking/trekking is in its infancy here, you definitely need a guide; there are some established trails. 

Transportation required: Vehicle required to access most trailheads

Where to stay in Myanmar for hiking:

  • Mindat
  • Putao
  • Hsipaw
  • Kyaukme
  • Kengtung

Most popular hikes in Myanmar (Burma)

There are several mountain ranges in the country. Highest Mountain: Hkakbo Razi (5881 m) in the Greater Himalayan mountain chain (right on the border with China). The main areas to hike are shown in the map.

Filter out hiking places of Myanmar (Burma) by month

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Chin Hills

  • Mountainous area that is largely untouched
  • Around Mindat
  • Nat Ma Taung National Park 
    • Mt Victoria (Nat Mat Taung) – highest peak in the state and quite popular

Shan Hills

  • Inle Lake – a popular tourist attraction
  • Around Hsipaw and Kyaukme

Around Putao

  • In the way north, bordering India and China, Putao is in a valley surrounded by mountains 
  • Cut off from rest of Myanmar, sole reason for going is for trekking
  • Hkakbo National Park – home of the highest peak
  • Khakaborazi National Park

Long Distance Trails of Myanmar (Burma)

  • Inle Lake to Kalaw – quite popular 
  • Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria) – six day trek
  • Phon Kan Razi – 11 day trek

Myanmar (Burma)'s Walking & Hiking Resources

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Myanmar Hiking Books: No hiking specific books

  • Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma), by Simon Richmond, ‎David Eimer, 2017, Lonely Planet Publicationshttps://amzn.to/4asFLTu
  • Rough Guide to Myanmar (Burma) (Travel Guide eBook), by Rough Guides, 2017, APA Publications – https://amzn.to/3TVEn66


Myanmar Hiking Associations/Clubs:


Best Hiking Trails in Myanmar:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from trail maps/apps, websites, and tourist offices:

  • Mount Victoria (Nat Mat Taung) – Chin Hills
  • Kalaw to Inle Lake – Shan Hills
  • Hkakabo Base Camp – Greater Himalaya
  • Phon Kan Razi – Greater Himalaya
  • Mount Kyaiktiyo – near Yangon
  • Mount Popa – Mandalay region
  • Mount Zwegabin
  • Kinpun to Golden Rock – Chin Hills

Easy Hiking Trails in Myanmar:

  • Nam Tok Waterfall – Hsipaw


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What Else To Do

  • Shwedagon Paya
  • Temples of Bagan, and others

Other Important Points

  • There are travel restrictions in certain parts of the country
  • You need permits to go to certain parts