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Best Hiking Trails in Guatemala


Guatemala is a Central American country offering some spectacular hiking, particularly in the Highlands region in the west. There are many volcanoes to hike in Guatemala and picturesque towns and cities from which to explore them from.  Base yourself in Antigua, a favourite of tourists and hike Volcan Acatenango.  Or in San Pedro La Laguna on beautiful Lago de Atitlan, and hike Volcan San Pedro. The Ixil Triangle towns of Nebaj, Chajul and Cotzal are good bases from which various hikes can be undertaken.  The best months to hike in Guatemala are November to April, which is the dry season.  Read on for more information on where and when to hike in Guatemala. 

Capital: Guatemala City

When To Hike in Guatemala?

November – April: Dry season
May – October: Rainy season

Climate: Tropical (wet and dry seasons).  Known as the land of the eternal spring, the temperatures stay constant throughout the year

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium: There are many trails to hike but not a lot of independent hiking; require a guide. 

Transportation required: Some trails can be accessed by public transit, but car is handy for other trails; best to get a driver as roads and driving may not be suitable for tourists

Where to stay in Guatemala for hiking:

  • Antigua
  • San Pedro La Laguna
  • Huehuetenango
  • Ixil Triangle
  • Quetzaltenango
  • Todos Santos Cuchumatan

Most popular hikes in Guatemala

The southern part of country is mountainous. El Altiplano (The Highlands) – western part of country bordering on Mexico is the main area for hiking. There are more than 37 volcanoes, many that can be hiked. Highest Mountain: Volcán Tajumulco (4220 m).

Filter out hiking places of Guatemala by month

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Parque Nacional Sierra de la Minas

Around Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Around Huehuetenango

Ixil Triangle

  • Three towns form this triangle, in the Western Highlands – Nebaj, Chajul, Cotzal; there are various hikes here 

Around Quetzaltenango

  • Surrounded by volcanoes, including Volcán Santa María, Volcán Siete Orejas, Volcán de Cerro Quemado, Volcán Chiquibal

Around Antigua

  • Volcan de Acatenango
  • Volcan de Agua
  • Cerro Niño

Lago de Atitlán

  • Spectacularly beautiful azure lake ringed by volcanoes that can be hiked

Long Distance Trails of Guatemala

  • Tour companies may put together multi-day hikes

Guatemala's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Guatemala Hiking Books:

  • Explorer’s Guide Guatemala: A Great Destination (Explorer’s Great Destinations), by Conner Gorry, 2009, Countryman Press
  • Lonely Planet Guatemala, 7th Edition, by Paul Clammer and Ray Bartlett, 2019, Lonely Planet Publishing – https://amzn.to/3TQQ91G
  • Rough Guide to Guatemala, 7th Edition, by Tim Burford, Norm Longley and James Stewart, 2019, APA Publishing – https://amzn.to/4ctWKXc


Best Hiking Trails in Guatemala:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from trail maps/apps, websites, and tourist offices:

  • Volcan San Pedro
  • Volcan Pacaya
  • Volcan Tajumulco
  • Volcan de Acatenango
  • Volcan de Agua
  • Cerro Nino
  • Volcan Santa Maria
  • Volcan Siete Orejas
  • Volcan de Cerro Quemado
  • Volcan Chiquibal

Easy Hiking Trails in Guatemala:

  • Volcan Ipala
  • Los Amates Waterfall


Guatemala Hiking Websites:


Guatemala Weather Website:

  • Instituto Nacional de Sismologia Vulcanologia Meteorologia e Hidrologia – Insivumeh 


Guatemala Hiking Companies:

  • NeWay Tours
  • Quetzaltrekkers
  • OX Expeditions
  • Xela Adventures
  • Trek Guatemala
  • Adventure Guatemala


Guatemala Official Tourism Site:  


Guatemala Hiking Apps: 


Guatemala Hiking Maps:

What Else To Do

  • The city of Antigua is a favourite with tourists 
  • Visiting ancient Maya sites
  • Learning Indigenous culture which is very strong in Guatemala
  • Cruising along Rio Dulce
  • Swimming in Semuc Champey
  • Candaleria Caves

Other Important Points

  • There have been armed (non-violent) attacks on trekkers, so it’s always a good idea to hike in group
  • Give yourself time to acclimatize before embarking on the higher altitude hikes