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Best Hiking Trails in Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands located between Norway, Scotland and Iceland and are part of the Kingdom of Denmark.  They are green, rocky and volcanic and covered in hiking trails. All of the islands have opportunities for hiking across their wild, rugged landscapes.  Some of the most popular hikes are the hike to Lake Sørvágsvatn (the lake above the ocean), the famous hike to Kallur Lighthouse, and the stunning Villingadalsfjall. The best months to hike on the Faroe Islands are June to September.  Read on for more information on where and when to go hiking in the Faroe Islands. 

Capital: Tórshavn

When To Hike in Faroe Islands?

June – September: Driest and warmest months, with July and August being the driest and warmest
May: Could be ok, it is the first month that things are open on the Faroe Islands, but can often be windy and cold
October – April: Too rainy

Climate: Subpolar oceanic climate – the weather is generally cold and rainy all year round, and highly unpredictable; sunshine is a rarity and it is windy, cloudy and cool (hardly gets above 15 degrees).


Faroe Islands Climate, Weather By Month, Average Temperature (Faroe Islands) – Weather Spark

Accessibility of Hiking

Easy – Medium – There is a detailed guide published by the tourist board that outlines many hikes and the pertinent details; the trails aren’t as well-marked as one would expect; many paths are marked with cairns.  Advisable to use a guide for off-the-beaten paths.  

https://issuu.com/visitfaroeislands/docs/a73141_vfi_hiking2020_a5_uk – you can download this guide in a few different languages; lists 21 trails on the islands but there are more.

Transportation required: Vehicle required for most hikes

Where to stay in the Faroe Islands for hiking: 

  • Tórshavn

Most popular hikes in Faroe Islands

One can hike on any of the islands. The northern Islands (Fugloy, Svinoy, Vidoy, Kunoy, Bordoy, Kalsoy) have a landscape that is more dramatic compared to southern islands. Highest Mountain: Slættaratindur (880 m), translates into ‘Flat Peak’ in English, it is found on the island of Eysturoy. The map shows where the hikes from the official guide are found.

Filter out hiking places of Faroe Islands by month

Click on the red map pointers to see more info.


  • Southernmost island
  • 3 hikes, including one long distance one


  • 1 hike


  • Westernmost of the islands
  • Very popular hike to the lighthouse
  • One of the islands to watch puffins


  • Hike to Kallur Lighthouse is very popular
  • James Bond filming location on this island


  • 2 hikes


  • 1 hike on Vidoy, up to Villingadalsfjall


  • Third largest island
  • 3 hikes, including to the beautiful lake of Sørvágsvatn and one long distance hike (28-30km)


  •  Largest island, home of the capital Tórshavn
  • 5 hikes


  • Second largest island, north of it is quite steep
  • 5 hikes including to the top of Slættaratindur

Long Distance Trails of Faroe Islands

  • Long distance trail on Vagar island: 28 – 30 km

Faroe Islands's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Faroe Islands Hiking Books:

  • Hiking in the Faroe Islands: A Complete Hiker’s Guide to all Public Walking Trails and Routes, by Runi i Mula, 2023, Independently published – https://amzn.to/3TM1tfA
  • Hiking Faroe Islands: Unravel the Mystique of Faroe Islands: A Comprehensive Guide to Hiking – https://amzn.to/3x5FCa7
  • Faroe Islands, Bradt Travel Guide, 5th Edition, by James Proctor, 2024 – https://amzn.to/3TwdJzf


Hiking Associations:

  • Hiking.fo 
  • Visit Faroe Islands – hiking  (one critique of this guide is that they don’t list the island for each hike, so you have to make sure you’re looking at a map when reading this guide) – 


Best Hikes in Faroe Islands:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from the official hiking website and associated trail guide, as well as trail maps/apps and other websites:

  • Hike to Lake Sørvágsvatn
  • Slættaratindur
  • Katlarnir Circuit Trail
  • Kallur Lighthouse
  • Villingadalsfjall
  • Mykineshulmur
  • Saksun – Tjornuvik

Easy Hikes in Faroe Islands:

  • Hvíthamar Mountain
  • Klakkur Hike


Faroe Islands Hiking Websites:


Faroe Islands Weather Website: 


Faroe Islands Official Tourism Site:  


Faroe Islands Hiking Apps: 

Faroe Islands Hiking Maps: 

What Else To Do

  • Puffin watching on the island of Mykines, as well as other bird-watching 
  • Eat at KOKS (Michelin-starred restaurant)
  • World’s largest sea cave, Klæmintsgjógv

Other Important Points

  • Easy to get from island to island as there are tunnels that connect neighbouring islands
  • Some trails cross private land and landowners charge fee to access
  • There’s a traditional whale hunt that occurs every year which stains the sea red