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Best Hiking Trails in Egypt


Many people come to the North African country of Egypt for its ancient sites but there are beautiful mountain landscapes to explore here in addition to these forays into history. Hiking on the Sinai peninsula is spectacular as well as in the mountains along the Red Sea.  Discover the best of the country along the Sinai Trail or the Red Sea Mountain Trail, or on one of the many day hikes in the Sinai mountains.  The diversity of the country can also be found in desert hikes or canyon hikes.  The best time to hike in Egypt is spring and fall.  Read below for more details on where and when to hike in Egypt.  

Capital: Cairo

When To Hike in Egypt?

Oct – Apr: On the Sinai Peninsula, these are the optimal months (Dec – Feb could be cold, chance of snow in higher elevations); on the mainland, November – March are optimal.

May – Sept: Too hot in most areas

Climate: Desert (hot, dry conditions).  Wind can cause dust storms.

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium: There are some established trails, but best to take advantage of the many tour companies taking people on hikes.  Many hikes are not allowed without a guide, and in particular, a Bedouin guide.

Transportation required: Car

Where to stay: 

  • Saint Catherine – Sinai Mountains
  • Dahab – Sinai Mountains
  • Nuweiba – Sinai Mountains
  • Hurghada – Red Sea Mountains

Most popular hikes in Egypt

The main area for hiking is in the rugged interior of the Sinai peninsula, as well as along the Red Sea on the mainland. Highest Mountain: Mt Catherine (Gebel Katerina) - 2629 m

Filter out hiking places of Egypt by month

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Red Sea

  • Nov – Mar
  • On the mainland, along Red Sea
  • Red Sea Mountain Trail – Red Sea Mountain Trail
  • Not sure if there are other hikes

Sinai Peninsula

  • Oct – Apr
  • Main mountainous region in Egypt
  • St. Katherine’s Protectorate – very popular due to religious significance
  • Mt Sinai
  • Mt Catherine
  • Galt Al Azraq
  • Wadi Feiran
  • Nuweiba (Coloured Canyon)
  • Sinai Trail – Sinai Trail  – 250 km trek

Long Distance Trails of Egypt

  • Sinai Trail – Sinai Trail  – 250 km trek, Egypt’s first long distance trail
  • Red Sea Mountain Trail – Red Sea Mountain Trail  – 170 km trek 
  • The Bedouin Trail – combining the Sinai Trail, the Red Sea Mountain Trail and the Wadi Rum Trail in Jordan, 1200 km trail – Bedouin Trail

Egypt's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Egypt Hiking Books: 

  • Sinai: The Trekking Guide: 74 large-scale maps and route guides to the best of Egypt’s mountain and desert treks plus Sharm el Sheik, Dahab, Nuweiba, St. Katherine, Wadi Feiran, by Ben Hofler, 2014, Trailblazer Publications – https://amzn.to/3TDid8s
  • Sinai Trekking and Safari: The Complete Route Guide with Gps Waypoints, by Zoltan Matrahazi, 2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3TCkvVG
  • Trekking in South Sinai: the highlights, 2011, by Zoltan Matrahazi, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/43hactk
  • Lonely Planet Egypt, 14th Edition, 2022, by Jessica Lee, Paula Hardy, Lauren Keith, Lonely Planet Publications – https://amzn.to/4aeMT5o
  • Moon Egypt, by Sarah Smierciak, 2022, Avalon Publishing – https://amzn.to/3v3TyRk


Egypt Hiking Associations/Clubs:


Best Hiking Trails in Egypt:

  • Mount Catherine (Gebel Katharina)
  • Mount Moses/Mount Sinai (Gebel Musa)
  • Mount Sirbal (Gebel Sirbal/Serbal)
  • Colored Canyon
  • Jebel Abbas
  • Jebel Abu Gasaba
  • White Desert
  • Sinai Trail
  • Red Sea Mountains Trail

Easy Hiking Trails in Egypt:

  • Valley of the Whales
  • Blue Lagoon

Egypt Hiking Websites:


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What Else To Do

  • Red Sea diving/snorkelling
  • Pyramids
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Bedouin culture
  • Historical sites related to Christianity, Judaism and Islam (in Sinai)
  • Nile River
  • Western Desert – the vast area occupying much of the country; the oases in this desert area are a big tourist draw.  The following are popular places: 
    • Black Desert (Gebel Gala Siwa & Gebel Az Zuqaq)
    • White Desert National Park – otherworldly 
    • Bahariya Oasis
    • Siwa Oasis – farthest from Cairo, just 50 km from Libya

Other Important Points

  • Should have a Bedouin guide for many of the regions in Sinai
  • Be careful about a planning a hike during Ramadan; guides may not be available and things will be closed