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Best Hiking Trails in Czech Republic (Czechia)


Czech Republic (Czechia) is a central European country that has mountains to hike in, mainly along its borders with other countries well known for hiking (ie. Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland). The main areas for hiking include the Krkonoše Mountains (country’s highest), Jizera Mountains, Novohradske Mountains (Grazen Mtns), the White Carpathians (including the Beskydy mountains) and Bohemian Paradise with its otherworldly rock formations.  The best months to hike in Czech Republic (Czechia) are May to October.  Read on for more information on where and when to go hiking in Czech Republic. 

Capital: Prague

When To Hike in Czech Republic (Czechia)?

May – October: Warmest, but rainiest during summer months; beginning of October is fine
November – April: Cold/snowy

Climate: Moderately continental (warm summers, cold and snowy winters)


Czech Republic (Czechia) Monthly Weather

Accessibility of Hiking

Easy – Medium: Plenty of well-marked trails, some of them in English, not all. 

Transportation required: Public transport to some trails but vehicle required to access most trails.

Where to stay in Czech Republic for hiking: 

  • Liberec – Jizera Mountains
  • Sumperk – Jesenik Mountains
  • Strážné – Krkonoše
  • Ostravice – Beskydy mountains
  • Volary – Sumava National Park

Most popular hikes in Czech Republic (Czechia)

Much of the mountain hiking can be found along the borders with Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia. There are four national parks, all found in these border regions. Mountain ranges include: Krkonoše Mountains (country’s highest), Jizera Mountains, Novohradske Mountains (Grazen Mtns) and White Carpathians. Highest Mountain: Sněžka (1603 m) in the Krkonoše Mountains

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Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Beskydy Mountains

  • Lysá Hora is a popular hike in this region

Bohemian Paradise

  • Known as Český ráj
  • One of the most popular tourist areas in the country
  • Otherworldly rock formations
  • Prachov Rocks popular

Jizera Mountains

  • Liberec main city close to Jizera mountains

White Carpathians

  • Shared with Slovakia
  • Velkà Javořina (970 m) highest peak

Novohradske Mountains

  • Also known as Gratzen Mountains
  • Podyjí National Park (Národní park Podyjí) – smallest of the national parks; not very mountainous https://www.nppodyji.cz/pesky

Šumava National Park

Krkonoše Mountains

  • Country’s highest mountain range
  • Krkonoše National Park – https://www.krnap.cz/ 
  • Home of Sněžka (1603 m), highest peak

Jeseník Mountains

  • Second highest range
  • Around Sumperk

Long Distance Trails of Czech Republic (Czechia)

Czech Republic (Czechia)'s Walking & Hiking Resources

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Czech Republic Hiking Books: Surprisingly, given the number of trails in the country, no hiking specific books

  • Czech Trail…Anyone Can Do It, by Martin Úbl, 2024, Stezka Českem
  • Rick Steves Prague and the Czech Republic, by Rick Steves and Honza Vihan, 2021, Rick Steves – https://amzn.to/3TNWE5k
  • Lonely Planet Prague & the Czech Republic, by Lonely Planet, Mark Baker, Neil Wilson, 2017, Lonely Planet Global Limited – small section on hiking – https://amzn.to/3x3Ldxv


Czech Republic Hiking Associations/Clubs:


Best Hikes in Czech Republic:

You can find more details on hiking these trails from the official hiking websites, as well as trail maps/apps, other websites, and local tourist offices:

  • Mount Sněžka – Kronosce mountains
  • Jetřichovice Loop – Bohemian Switzerland
  • Hřensko – Rybnistě – Bohemian Switzerland
  • Plechý Mountain – Sumava
  • Lysá Hora- Beskydy mountains
  • Ještěd – Jizera Mountains
  • Pancava Waterfall (from Hotel Lesana) – Krkonsone

Easy Hikes in Czech Republic:

  • Diana Lookout Tower
  • Prachov Rocks – Bohemian Paradise


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What Else To Do

  • Bohemian Paradise is an area that is popular but more like rock spires. 
  • Czech Greenways – 250 mile network of trails between Prague and Vienna – not necessarily through mountainous terrain
  • Beer
  • Beautiful architecture (castles, cathedrals)
  • Bridges 
  • Climbing

Other Important Points