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Best Hiking Trails in Azerbaijan


Sitting between Europe & Asia, Azerbaijan is a South Caucasus country that has mountains to explore along its northeastern border with Russia and Georgia, as well as along its western border with Armenia and Iran.  Some of the main areas for hiking are in the Caucasus Mountains, where there are many villages to hike between, Goygol National Park, and the Talysh Mountains in southern Azerbaijan, including Hirkan National Park. The best months to go hiking in Azerbaijan is April – October.  Read on for more information on where and when to go hiking in Azerbaijan. 

Capital: Baku

When To Hike in Azerbaijan?

April – September: Summer months for higher altitudes
October – March: Cold and rainy/snowy

Climate: Slightly continental (cold winters and very hot summers) 

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium – Hard: The least easiest country to go hiking in out of the three South Caucasus countries (Armenia and Georgia being the other two).  Advisable to go on an organized tour. 

Transportation required: Car

Where to stay in Azerbaijan for hiking:

  • Quba
  • Xinaliq
  • Laza
  • Sheki
  • Lenkeran
  • Lerik

Most popular hikes in Azerbaijan

There are two main areas of the country that are mountainous: eastern range (Greater Caucasus Mountains) running north to south, bordering Russia (higher mountains) AND western range bordering Armenia. Highest Mountain: Mount Bazardüzü (4466 m) in Greater Caucasus mountains

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Caucasus Mountains

  • Mountain range on the border with Georgia and Russia has many villages to base yourself out of such as Sheki, Laza, Quba
  • Shahdag National Park – huge national park in the Greater Caucasus Mountains that has highest peaks, including Mount Shahdag and Mount Bazardüzü – www.eco.gov.az/en/shahdag – park still in development
  • Shahdag Mountain Resort is quite popular for skiing, could be good for hiking

Western Azerbaijan

Southern Azerbaijan

  • Near Iranian border
  • Visiting the Talysh Mountains, town of Lənkəran and Lerik are good bases – best thing to do is get maps from any of the hotels/homestays where you’re staying (ie. No official trail infrastructure)
  • Hirkan National Park

Long Distance Trails of Azerbaijan

  • Trans Caucasian Trail (TCT): About  – ambitious project began in 2015 to build a 3000 km long trail through the Caucasus Mountains, connecting Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Azerbaijan's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Azerbaijan Hiking Books:

  • The Caucasus – from Elbrus to Ararat, 80 beautiful hikes, by Richard Bærug, 2024, Mta Publications
  • Hiking in the Caucasus: Treks, trails and mountain paths, by Tom Allen, Joel Balsam, Baia Dzagnidze, 2020, Horizon Guides
  • The Rough Guide to Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, by Rough Guides, 2024, Rough Guides – https://amzn.to/3uVtEPG
  • Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan, by Tom Masters, Joel Balsam, Jenny Smith, 2022, Lonely Planet Global Limited – https://amzn.to/3uYnnmj


Azerbaijan Hiking Associations:


Best Hikes in Azerbaijan:

You can find more details on hiking these trails in the hiking guidebooks, official hiking websites from the country/region, trail maps/apps or other websites:

  • Mount Shahdag
  • Mount Beshbarmag
  • Kuzun – Yergi Kek
  • Kish – Bash Goynuk
  • Dubrar Dagh
  • Gashgachay – Ilisu
  • Kuzun – Laza
  • Javadkhan – Azgilli

Easy Hikes in Azerbaijan:

  • Gumukh – Gashgachay
  • Galakhudat – Khinalig
  • Azgilli – Chiragli

Azerbaijan Hiking Websites:


Azerbaijan Weather Website:


Azerbaijan Official Tourism Site:  


Azerbaijan Hiking Apps: 


Azerbaijan Hiking Maps: Below includes hiking and road maps

  • Azerbaijan Institute of Geology: Azerbaijan Republic Map (shows detailed topography)
  • Freytag & Berndt: Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, 1:700,000 – https://amzn.to/4cdC0D3
  • International Travel Maps: Caucasus, 1:430,000 – https://amzn.to/3TFCgDy

What Else To Do

  • Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain)
  • Mud volcanoes
  • Architecture in Baku
  • Museums in Baku (miniature books, carpet)

Other Important Points

  • There are numerous state reserves that look great but don’t think you can visit: Zagatala Nature Reserve – right on border with Russia, looks beautiful; Ilisu State Reserve; Ismaili State Reserve
  • The area of Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed region, not formally recognized, and contains a mix of Armenian and Azerbaijan groups.  A war was fought over the land in the 1990’s. Stepanakert is the de facto capital; Janapar Trail is a 190 km long marked trail going through the ‘country’ and takes in beautiful landscapes, https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Janapar_Trail