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Best Hiking Trails in Argentina


The stunning southern Patagonian region gets all the glory in the large South American country of Argentina, but there are other areas that are popular for hiking such as the Lakes District and around Mendoza.  Serious mountaineers will head to Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of Asia.  In Patagonia, there are many beautiful hikes in and out of Los Glaciares National Park, including Mount Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno glacier. In the Lakes District, the town of Bariloche, known as the ‘Argentine Switzerland’ is a great base to explore many hikes, including the Nahuel Huapi Traverse.  There are also many hikes near Mendoza to explore when not tasting wines from the region.  The best months to hike in Argentina are from October – April, for the most popular regions, but that varies as the country is so large.  Read on for more information on where and when to hike in Argentina. 

Capital: Buenos Aires

When To Hike in Argentina?

Year round: In general, the austral summer (Oct – Apr) is the best time to go, particularly for hiking in the more popular parts of Argentina.  Filter in the map to see what the best months are for different regions

Climate: Varied – due to its size, there are a range of climates.  Mendoza sees more rainfall from Dec-Feb but it’s not much, still hot temperatures.  Argentina is large enough that you see the flipping of the seasons from north to south.

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium:  Many areas have well marked trails, but advisable to go with guide or organized tours.

Transportation required: Car; public transit in some areas

Where to stay in Argentina for hiking:

  • El Chalten
  • El Calafate
  • Bariloche
  • El Bolson
  • Mendoza

Most popular hikes in Argentina

Argentina is a very large country in South America, and the mountains can be found along its western spine. While the Patagonia region, particularly the southern part, is famous for trekking, there are other areas where hiking is popular, such as in the northwest, around Mendoza and in the Argentine Lakes District. The Andes are the main mountain range running down the country. Highest Mountain: Aconcagua (6960 m).

Filter out hiking places of Argentina by month

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Southern Patagonia

  • Oct – Apr
  • Large region extending to the tip of the country and continent
  • Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Esquel is a good base, this is in the northern part of southern Patagonia region
  • Parque Nacional Los Glaciares – the big kahuna
    • Fitz Roy circuit
    • Torre
    • Perito Moreno glacier 
    • El Chalten and El Calafate are the two popular bases
  • Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego
  • Around Ushuaia
  • Very close to Chile and people often combine the two countries into one trip

Argentine Lakes (Lake District)

  • Oct – Apr
  • This area is part of northern Patagonia and right on the border with Chile
  • San Martín de Los Andes is a good base to explore area
  • Parque Nacional Lanín – ascent of Volcan Lanín is a great climb and popular park
  • Bariloche (aka San Carlos de Bariloche) is Argentina’s version of Chamonix, with its Swiss style architecture and chocolate.  It is a popular base for hiking and a tourist town 
    • Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi – Argentina’s oldest national park, popular, marked trails
    • Hut to hut walk
    • Lake to lake walk
  • South of the Lakes, El Bolsón is a good town as a base for hikes in the region
  • Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Esquel is a good town

Around Mendoza

  • Sept – May
  • Cerro Arco
  • Parque Nacional El Leoncito
  • Parque Provincial Aconcagua (contains the highest mountain in the Americas)
  • Mt Lomas Blancas
  • Many other hikes in this area
  • Premier wine region

Northwest Argentina

  • Apr – Nov
  • Cities of Salta and San Miguel de Tucumán can be good bases for hikes in this area
  • Parque Nacional Calilegua
  • Parque Nacional El Rey                   
  • Parque Nacional Los Cardones – popular   
  • Parque Nacional Aconquija 
  • Many other areas

Long Distance Trails of Argentina

  • Huella Andina – Huella Andina trail– 600 km trail in northern Patagonia – project abandoned but trail still exists 
  • Fitz Roy Trek – 30 km trek to base of Fitz Roy
  • El Chaltén to Villa O’Higgins
  • Tronador – 36 km hike in Patagonia region
  • Huemul Circuit – 63 km trek in Patagonia region
  • Nahuel Huapi Traverse – 47 km trek in Lake District


Argentina's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Argentina Hiking Books:

  • Trekking and Mountaineering Aconcagua and the Southern Andes: Horcones and Vacas Valley ascent routes, Cicerone Guide, by Jim Ryan, 2018, Cicerone Press – https://amzn.to/3VkHfKU
  • Trekking Torres Del Paine, Chile’s Premier National Park & Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, Cicerone Guide, by Rudolf Abraham, 2016, Cicerone Press – https://amzn.to/4aiWQik
  • Trekking in Patagonian Andes (32 Great treks), by Carolyn McCarthy, 2009, Lonely Planet Global Limited – https://amzn.to/49UOr57
  • Trekking Patagonia: a Guide to Your Own Adventure, by Andy Fine, 2018, Independently published – https://amzn.to/497k8XK
  • Hiking Around Bariloche Map 1 San Martin De Los Andes, Lanin National Park, Lago Huechulafquen Complete Trekking/Hiking/walking Topographic Map Atlas Argentina Patagonia 1:75000, Trails, Hikes & Walks, by Sergio Mazitto, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3vfQbXk
  • Hiking Around Bariloche Map 2 Nahuel Huapi National Park Villa La Angostura Los Arrayanes, Lago Traful Complete Trekking/Hiking/Walking Topographic Map Atlas Argentina Patagonia Make Maps Your Travel Guide 1:75000, Trails, Hikes & Walks, by Sergio Mazitto, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3Pq1mDY
  • Hiking Around Bariloche Map 3 El Bolson, El Maiten, Lago Puelo National Park, Lago Cholila, Lago Epuyen Complete Trekking/Hiking/walking Topographic Map Atlas Argentina Patagonia 1:75000, Trails, Hikes & Walks, by Sergio Mazitto, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3Ps5QcZ
  • Hiking Around Bariloche Map 4 Los Alerces National Park, Esquel, Trevelin, Lago Futalaufquen Complete Trekking/Hiking/walking Topographic Map Atlas Argentina Patagonia 1-75000, Trails, Hikes & Walks, by Sergio Mazitto, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3VjvKTZ
  • Valle Cochamo Cochamo Valley Trekking/Hiking Trail Map Atlas Tagua Tagua National Park Paso El Leon, Argentina Cerro Arco Iris Chile Los Lagos Patagonia 1-50000, Trails, Hikes & Walks Map, by Sergio Mazitto, 2018, CreateSpace Independent Publishing – https://amzn.to/3VjvZOT
  • There are more guides by Sergio Mazitto
  • Moon Patagonia, including the Falkland Islands, by Wayne Bernhardson, 2017, Moon Guides – https://amzn.to/4cvtsHM


Argentina Hiking Associations:


Best Hikes in Argentina: 

You can find more details on hiking these trails in the hiking guidebooks, official hiking websites from the country/region, trail maps/apps or other websites:

  • Mount Fitz Roy – Patagonia
  • Laguna de Los Tres – Patagonia
  • Torre Lagoon – Patagonia
  • Cerro Tronador – Patagonia
  • Refugio Frey – Patagonia
  • Cerro Arco – Mendoza
  • Cascada del Salto – Mendoza
  • Cerro Castillo – Patagonia
  • Cerro Guanaco – Patagonia
  • Las Pumas – Patagonia

Easy Hikes in Argentina: 

  • Laguna Esmeralda – Ushuaia
  • Perito Moreno hike – Patagonia
  • Cerro de los Siete Colores

Argentina Hiking Websites:


Argentina Weather Website: 


Argentina Official Tourism Website:


Argentina Hiking Apps:


Argentina Hiking Maps: 

  • See section under Books for listing of hiking maps of some of Argentina’s regions
  • National Geographic Argentina: Adventure Travel Map, #3400 – https://amzn.to/3ICVBPo

What Else To Do

  • Iguazú Falls (shared with Brazil and Paraguay)
  • Wine tasting; meat eating

Other Important Points

  • Windy in southern Patagonia