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Best Hiking Trails in Antarctica


Getting to the southernmost continent of Antarctica is half the adventure, as most tourists arrive on cruises departing from South America.  Hiking is possible here, with tour companies offering hikes of varying difficulties.  The main areas for hiking are the South Shetland Islands, including Deception Point.  The Antarctic Peninsula is also an area for mountaineering.  There are several international research stations located here – governed by the Antarctic Treaty which means no one has sole claim to the land.  No cities or towns.  The best months to hike in Antarctica are November to March.  Read on for more information on hiking in Antarctica. 

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When To Hike in Antarctica?

Nov – Mar
Apr – Oct: Too cold, sea impassable

Climate: Ice-cap climate – very cold (coldest continent on Earth), and very dry (technically considered a desert). Wind is the real issue (rather than the cold).  


Latest Weather Observations for Antarctica

Accessibility of Hiking

Very Hard – you need to go with an organized tour, which are quite expensive.  Most people come on commercial boat voyages and stick to the coast.

Most popular hikes in Antarctica

Tourists go hiking here through organized tour companies. The South Shetland Islands are where you’ll find the most hiking. Other areas are the Antarctic Peninsula (closest to South America), home of the Antarctic Andes, and the Ross Sea (closest to Australia and New Zealand), which has the Transantarctic Mountains. Highest Mountain: Mount Vinson (4892 m) in the Antarctic Andes.

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Transantarctic Mountains

  • Closest to Australia and New Zealand, where you’ll find the Transantarctic Mountains

Antarctic Peninsula

  • Has the Antarctic Andes
  • more inland is Mount Vinson, highest peak

South Shetland Islands

Long Distance Trails of Antarctica

Antarctica's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Antarctica Hiking Books:

  • Lonely Planet Antarctica, by Lonely Planet, Alexis Averbruck, Cathy Brown, 2017, Lonely Planet Global Limited – https://amzn.to/4ciIOzc
  • There are a ton of books about people’s personal experiences travelling on this continent


Antarctica Hiking Websites:


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What Else To Do

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling

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