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Best Hiking Trails in Angola


Angola, a former Portuguese colony in southwestern Africa, has mountains in the central and southwest of the country, but very little hiking infrastructure.  The main areas to hike are in the Huambo and Huila provinces, where the country’s highest peak, Morro de Moco, is found.  It is quite difficult to travel around here.  The best months to hike are from May – September.  Read on for more information on hiking in Angola. 

Capital: Luanda

When To Hike in Angola?

May – September: Dry season; southern part of country is fine early and later than this but no info on hiking there
November – March: Rainy

Climate: Tropical – wet and dry seasons; Angola has a marked dry season 

Accessibility of Hiking

Hard – Hiking is not a popular pastime in Angola; difficult to find any maps or hiking info; not a lot of tourist infrastructure.  There are companies that provide organized tours.

Transportation required: Car

Where to stay in Angola for hiking:

  • Lubango
  • Huambo

Most popular hikes in Angola

The main areas to hike are in the Huambo and Huila provinces. There are mountains on the southern border, with Namibia, but no information on hiking there. There are small, disparate mountain ranges located throughout the western part of the country, but not a lot of info on hiking there. Highest peak: Mount Moco (2620 m), in Huambo province

Filter out hiking places of Angola by month

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Huila province

  • On a plateau
  • Fendas de Tunda-Vala – deep gorge, not sure if hiking here
  • Serra da Leba 

Huambo province

  • Home of the highlands
  • Mt Moco – highest peak

Long Distance Trails of Angola

  • Some hikes in Angola could be multi-day treks

Angola's Walking & Hiking Resources

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Angola Hiking Books: 

  • Angola, 3rd Edition: Bradt Travel Guide, 2019 – great source of general info but almost nothing on hiking – https://amzn.to/3TusWRI


Angola Hiking Associations:

  • Angola Field Group – Angola Field Group – NOT a hiking group (more of a conservation group), but could have useful info 


Best Hikes in Angola:

There is information on the below hikes from the link under ‘Websites’.

  • Morro de Moco
  • Monte Mbonga
  • Monte Loizunga
  • Monte Manecu


Angola Hiking Websites:


Angola Weather Website:

  • Instituto Nacional de Hidrometeorologia e Geofisica – INAMET 


Angola Official Tourism Site:  


Angola Hiking Apps: 


Angola Hiking Maps:

What Else To Do

  • Kalandula Falls – east of Luanda; these are popular to hike to

Other Important Points

  • Landmines still remain an issue here