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Best Hiking Trails in Algeria


Algeria is the largest country in Africa and is mainly occupied by the Sahara desert.  However there are mountains running along its northern border with the Mediterranean sea and in the south, where the tallest mountain in the country can be found. The Tell Atlas, the Saharan Atlas and the Hoggar mountain ranges (and their sub ranges) are the three main areas for hiking. The best months to go hiking in Algeria are spring and fall in the Tell and Saharan Atlas ranges, while winter is best for the Hoggar mountains. Read on for more information on where and when to hike in Algeria. 

Capital: Algiers

When To Hike in Algeria?

September – May: Autumn and spring months are best for the Tell & Saharan Atlas Mountains while the Hoggar Mountains are best between October – April
June – August; December – February: Could be too hot and/or too cold
May – September: Too hot in Hoggar Mountains
Climate: Mediterranean in the mountainous area along the coast (hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters); desert in the south. A hot wind can blow in spring and autumn, ‘chili’.  Tell Atlas slightly cooler and rainier than Saharan Atlas.

Accessibility of Hiking

Medium – There don’t seem to be any guidebooks, and while there may be marked trails in certain regions, there aren’t official national park sites from which to gain information on these trails.  The best thing to do is decide a region you want to hike in and hire a knowledgeable guide.  

Transportation required: Vehicle

Where to stay in Algeria for hiking:

  • Algiers (capital city at foot of Tell Atlas mountains)
  • Oran (city at foot of Tell Atlas mountains)
  • Contstantine – town in Tell Atlas
  • Chiffa – town in Tell Atlas
  • Erraguen – town in Tell Atlas
  • Ziama Mansouriah – town in Tell Atlas

Top Places to Hike in Algeria

The main areas for hiking are the two mountain ranges that run parallel to the northern coast, the Tell Atlas and Sahara Atlas, separated by a plateau. In the south are the Hoggar (or Ahaggar) Mountains which are not as explored. Highest Mountain: 2908 m.

Filter out hiking places of Algeria by month

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Tassili N’Ajjer

  • March – May; Sept – Nov
  • Plateau that rises 600 m above the plain of Djanet
  • Passes that can be crossed on foot

Hoggar (Ahaggar) Mountains

  • Oct – Apr
  • In the south of country, difficult to get to but quite beautiful
  • Hoggar Mountains
  • Mount Tahat (2918 m), tallest peak in Algeria
  • Hoggar Circuit & Assekrem Circuit – multi-day treks
  • Ahaggar National Park – Ahaggar National Park

Saharan Atlas

  • March – May; Sept – Nov
  • Parallel to the coast, running length of coast, south of the Tell Atlas, higher altitude compared to the Tell Atlas
  • Aurès Mountains – eastern extension of the Saharan Atlas
  • Saharan Atlas National Park 
  • Belezma National Park – Belezma National Park
  • Difficult to find info on hiking in this region

Tell Atlas

  • March – May; Sept – Nov
  • Parallel to the coast, closest to the sea, running the length of the coast, lower altitude compared to Saharan Atlas 
  • Algiers and Oran are major cities at foot of Tell Atlas; mountain towns such as Constantine and Chiffa
  • Kabylie region – mountainous coastal area between Algiers and Skikda 
  • Chrea National Park
  • Djurdjura National Park 
  • El Kala National Park – in the eastern border with Tunisia

Algeria's Long Distance Trails

  • Hoggar Circuit – 3 day trek in the Hoggar Mountains
  • Assekrem Circuit – 3 day trek in the Hoggar Mountains

Algeria's Walking & Hiking Resources

Books: No hiking specific book

  • Algeria: A Guide for Adventurous Travellers, by Peter Lockyer, 2017, Lulu.com
  • Not many up-to-date guidebooks from the regular publishers


Hiking Associations/Clubs:


Best Hikes in Algeria:

  • Hoggar Circuit – Hoggar mountains
  • Assekrem Circuit – Hoggar mountains
  • Chrea National Park trails – Tell Atlas mountains
  • Djurdjura National Park trails – Tell Atlas mountains
  • Tassili n’Ajjer trails
  • Belezma National Park trails – Saharan Atlas mountains
  • Saharan Atlas National Park trails – Saharan Atlas mountains
  • Taza National Park trails – Tell Atlas



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What Else To Do

  • Desert treks in Sahara, including camel treks
  • UNESCO World Heritage cities of Tipaza, Timgad and Djemila
  • Ancient rock painting 
  • Tuareg culture

Other Important Points