Where To Hike When - Discover Best Hikes and Trails Around the World.

About Us

Our Mission

Where to Hike When was created by Sima Patel, an avid hiker, with over 25 years experience hiking around the world, and also as a hiking guide.  The site aims to help people get out into the mountains by providing this invaluable tool in hiking trip planning.  This site will help you to know:

  • The best months of the year to hike in any mountainous country/region
  • What the hiking is like in any mountainous country/region and how easy or difficult it is to access hiking trails there
  • Each page contains valuable information on climate, guidebooks, apps, maps, hiking organizations and clubs and lots more



On This Site

Each country/region page provides important information:

  • When to Hike section shows which months are good to go hiking (in green), which might be ok (in yellow) and which you should avoid (in red).  This section also gives a general overview of climate and links to a weather website for that country/region
  • Accessibility of Hiking section gives you an idea of how easy it is to go hiking independently in this country/region.  Easy means there are well established trails and good hiking resources available.  Medium means there may be some hiking infrastructure and resources but usually a good idea to go with a guide.  Hard means there is virtually no hiking infrastructure and/or there are other reasons why it might be difficult to hike in this country/region (ie. political instability, very expensive, etc)
  • Resources such as books, apps, websites, maps important for hiking trip planning.  More details about these can be found on the Resources page


Important Notes

Some things to know as you go through the site:

  • Where to Hike When focuses on mountain hiking.  While hiking in meadows and coasts and in the woods is amazing, we are all about the uphill (and downhill)! To avoid confusion about what is mountain hiking, the definition of any hike where there’s a 300m (1000 ft) elevation gain or more is used
  • In determining the best months of the year for hiking in any particular place, weather was the main consideration. While there are many intrepid travelers out there who can handle hiking in rain or snow, this site wants to promote safe hiking and is aimed at the average hiker who wouldn’t be skilled in technical hiking
  • We focused on English-language resources
  • The climate is changing and there’s no denying it. Weather patterns aren’t as stable as they once were and it’s more difficult to make predictions about weather in any particular area.  This site is to be used as a guide