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Discover the best places to mountain hike for every month of the year. Fancy a hiking vacation in the winter months instead of – or in addition to – lying around on a beach? Search by month and see all the places with mountain trails to explore.

Heading to a destination and want to know what the mountain hiking is like there? Search by place (or in the map above) and you’ll find much of the info you need such as where the hiking trails are found in this country/region, detailed weather info, hiking resources such as books, websites, and apps, and whether you need a car to access trailheads.

 This site helps you to plan the perfect hiking vacation for every mountainous region around the world.

Where to Hike in July

Summer is here! July is a great month to explore the Chugach Mountains and Denali National Park of Alaska, Glacier National Park in Montana and Olympic National Park in Washington.  As well, the many national parks of Canada such as Banff National Park and Kluane National Park boast trails that are ideal to hike this month. 

Most mountainous European countries are perfect to hike in July – the Alps of France, Switzerland, and Austria are a hiker’s paradise and see many visitors on the thousands of km of trails in these countries. Head to the Scandinavian countries of Norway or Sweden, where the hiking season is short to explore the fantastic fjords and mountains. Swing by the Faroe Islands or Iceland for hiking across rocky, volcanic landscapes.

If you’re looking for wild, stunning landscapes in Asia, hike no further than Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, where the towering Tien Shan and Pamir-Alay mountain ranges dominate.

In Africa, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are great to visit in July for gorilla trekking, as well as hiking up volcanoes. Or travel south to Namibia where it’s the ideal time to hike in the country’s wild, desert landscapes.

New Caledonia, a group of islands in the South Pacific close to Australia, has beautiful hiking trails on the main island of Grande Terre. Further east, the Cook Islands offer up trails on its main island of Rarotonga.

For more inspiration on where to hike in July go to: Where to Hike in July 



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