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Where to Hike in February

While winter often conjures images of snow-covered landscapes, icy trails, and frosty breaths, there are places around the world where winter means balmy temperatures and the perfect conditions for hiking. In North America, the southwestern US states of NevadaArizona and Utah are perfect in February to hike in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, the famous national parks of Utah and the many hiking spots around Sin City in Nevada. Costa Rica and Dominica are both at the top of many travelers’ wish lists and for great reason: both have wonderful hiking through their lush landscapes, including the long distance Waitukubuli Trail in Dominica. 

Northern Africa is ideal to hike in February such as in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Tell and Saharan Atlas Mountains of Algeria or the mountains of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt

In South America, the mighty Andes of Ecuador and Colombia have superb hiking trails to explore, especially for those who like a bit of altitude on their hikes. 

In Asia, the desert landscapes of Oman and United Arab Emirates are best hiked in the winter months where one can explore the Hajjar Mountains and trails on the Musandam peninsula. If you’re looking for more green, parts of Taiwan are ideal for hiking in February such as in Yangmingshan National Park close to Taipei. Malaysia is also in its dry season and has lots of hiking opportunities such as in the Cameron Highlands.

 Australia is in full summer in February and has plenty of hiking on offer, particularly on the eastern side of the country such as in the Blue Mountains, and on the beautiful island of Tasmania.

If you’re yearning for a winter escape that involves a warm embrace of the outdoors, consider these destinations and more, check out  Where to Hike in February 



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